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The CRL Restoration Model


During critical times companies require advisors who will provide meaningful counsel as well as an ability to make the tough call with a desire to find a positive financial solution. 

As crises managers and forensic experts we are often called into the boardroom to render critical advise as to whether a business should continue or if the financial evidence warrants further action. The choices require good judgment - a balance between discretion and reality.  It is our ability to use solid business judgment that makes our practice exceptional.

Turnarounds require detailed and urgent analysis, meticulous planning and careful execution.  While following the Turnaround Matrix we focus on the following goals and objectives:

  • Stabilize the Business

  • Provide a long term road map and leadership to a positive financial solution
    - Increase profits
    - Increase market share
    - Increase customer satisfaction
    - Survive and segue into the 21st century

We Perform Detailed Financial Analysis

  • Operations - Analyze the operating statement components by product line through fixed and variable costs to find opportunities for improvement beyond traditional cost reductions

  • Balance Sheet - Complete analysis of assets to accelerate cash flow and reduce debt to bring about financial stability

  • Logistics - Review all processes with an eye to streamlining and revamping operations.

  • Business Plan - Create in-depth plans using our proven activity-based computer simulation models to provide a road map to a positive financial solution.

  • Execution - Our teams extensive operating experience provides the firm with the depth to provide the leadership necessary to effectively execute the recovery.




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