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Working Capital Sourcing:

Capital Restoration maintains extensive International relationships with commercial, institutional, subordinated, mezzanine, and non-regulated tiers in the financing market. These relationships are critical to assisting our clients with structuring and obtaining the optimum capital package in the marketplace.

Our intricate understanding of your business combined with our proprietary activity based financial models presents our client’s future financial needs in terms the financial markets can understand.  CRL assists its clients in building creditable financial projections  presenting the best possible case to existing and potential lenders.  We work with our clients to maximize performance and present recommendations on working capital alternatives and debt levels the company’s cash flows can support.

Capital Restoration’s in-depth knowledge of the debt and equity markets assists our clients by identifying, structuring, negotiating and closing capital-raising transactions that may be unidentifiable by them.

Debt/Equity Restructuring

Every successful business must maintain a rational correlation between their operating cash flow and debt structure. At times, a company’s financial performance varies from plan creating an imbalance that must be rectified if the enterprise is to survive

With our Financial and operational experience, Capital Restoration prepares proven proprietary activity based planning models.  This data creates forecast that accurately portray a client’s future financial needs and working capital components.  CRL works with its clients to develop operational changes to improve performance, and present recommendations on the debt level and structure the business can ultimately support.

Capital Restoration works with its clients’ to arrive at a mutually acceptable restructuring of the existing debt obligations. We work with each client to customize a financial solution that meets their requirements

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