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We are a  Boutique strategic financial consulting firm servicing midsize enterprises in transition. Turning financial challenges into opportunities for a bright future. CRL is an award winning nationally recognized firm leading enterprises through unique challenges.


“When Capital Restoration was engaged, our lenders were suffering from what some, not so gently, referred to as ‘lender fatigue.’ Further, our growth strategy needed to be refined and targeted.

Through CRL’s efforts, our lenders developed renewed confidence in the company. CRL also worked with our management team to develop strategies that would increase revenues while controlling expenses.

CRL was a key element in our drive to profitability and success.”

Optim Corporation

Turn to CRL if:

  • Your growth is outpacing your cash flow
  • You’re missing your financial targets
  • You need to maximize value – next step planning and execution

  • You need to rebuild confidence with stakeholders and/or lenders

  • You need a forensics expert to understanding the real data

  • You need to return to financial well being

About CRL

CRL is a corporate renewal and performance improvement firm. We collaborate with our clients to solve their business issues. Our mission is to providing understandable and useful knowledge along with concise and definitive action plans that work.

Capital Restoration and its founder have received numerous local and national awards for both their corporate renewal and forensic work.

We are judged by the success of our clients.

Our work varies by the challenges our clients face, from outlining strategies to accelerate growth, due diligence on an acquisition, improving an operating inefficiency, solving a working capital shortfall, providing urgent crisis management, to guiding a company through a bankruptcy.

We are known to be quick studies of complex situations creating appropriate value maximizing options for our clients.

Who We Help

CRL has extensive experience partnering with, and realizing fast results for a variety of middle market organizations, including privately-held businesses, investor-owned companies, small and mid-size family businesses, non-profits and start-ups.

Our expertise in understanding and communicating the real financial data provides the foundation for our due diligence and Quality of Earnings reports.

While no two engagements are alike, CRL’s broad background and ability to quickly assess situations create implementable plans, and empower teams to success.

Family businesses face unique challenges. CRL’s team has extensive experience working with family businesses in a wide range of industries.

CRL has extensive experience partnering with operating management. We realize fast results for a variety of middle-market organizations, including privately-held businesses, investor-owned companies, small and mid-size family businesses, non-profits and start-ups.

Stakeholders turn to CRL for a number of reasons:

  • Helping growing enterprises reach their targets
  • Guidance when something just does not add up
  • Interim senior leadership
  • Independent support for a struggling company
  • A second set of senior hands to assist and advise when you do not have the resources

When you bring CRL in as part of the team, or refer us as an extension of your support, we will help improve your situation while working in tandem with you and the company.

We are often referred by:

  • Equity sponsors
  • Lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Advisors

“I will continue to retain Armand / CRL. I recommend others retain Armand as well, whether a company needing a turnaround consultant; a bank needing a turnaround consultant who understands its internal pressures; or anyone needing due diligence on the operations of a company (distressed or otherwise).”

The professionals at CRL have the proven analytical and leadership skills to create immediate and sustainable value for our clients by continually exceeding their expectations and goals. The CRL team has deep industry-specific knowledge driven to maximize value by providing understandable and usable knowledge, along with concise and definitive actions that work.

Our Services

Capital Restoration’s proprietary turnkey process allows us to quickly assess our clients’ situations and assemble the optimal resources to address essential business issues. Our process generally includes these phases:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Development of activity based simulation models
  • Plan Development
  • Plan Implementation

The CRL team brings a different and unique dimension to the process. Our members have backgrounds containing both extensive experience in public accounting, auditing, systems, together with significant and varied operational and management experience. The provides a unique, multifaceted review of the potential candidates financial information and its business operations and marketplace.

The primary objective of a quality of earnings report is to assess the sustainability and accuracy of historical earnings as well as the achievability of future projections.

Many reports just provide detailed analysis of the company’s revenue and expenses. While these are critical elements a QOE report they alone will not provide a clear picture of the enterprises ability to continually generate those earnings.

A QOE report that broadens the scope to include a review of the company’s integrity, management assessment, and an operational overview may lend critical information on the enterprises ability to generate future earnings.

Capital Restoration LLC is an award winning nationally recognized leader in Corporate Renewal. We are a financially focused operational turnaround, crisis, interim management and strategic advisory firm servicing middle market companies in transition. We work in harmony with our clients and their management teams to develop and implement the necessary steps to bring about a positive financial solution.

We are change agents that bring years of successful experience to your organization. We function as interim CEO, COO, or CFO. Our focus is to work with our clients’ team for maximum positive impact with deep hands on understanding of what it takes to run a business.

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