Capital Restoration LLC (CRL) was formed in the 1990s by Armand Lucarelli to assist companies in transition. Our mission continues to be providing understandable and useful knowledge along with concise and definitive action plans that work. We are deeply aware of the team-building, pressures, and challenges of operating a business in today’s global marketplace.


Our team has all been there as CXOs and we are keenly aware of what it takes to succeed. We partner with our clients, building on everyone’s strengths for success. It takes hard work, perseverance, and an unrelenting desire to succeed. We are guided in all of our work by a number of core values including honesty, integrity, and dedication to add value.

Since our founding, the CRL team has been effectively assessing complex situations and executing financially-focused solutions for a variety of middle-market companies, in a wide array of industries (including nonprofits).

CRL provides business owners and their stakeholders with solid solutions. From designing strategies to accelerate growth, improving operations, understanding and solving working capital shortfalls, providing a steady hand during crises, and implementing creative turnaround plans, to the execution of successful divestitures, we lead our clients down a clear path towards solid financial solutions. Our team is relied upon by middle-market companies who seek CXO-level counsel, be it in an advisory or interim-management role.

National Awards

Capital Restoration and its founder have received numerous local and national awards for both their corporate renewal and forensic work. We are judged by the success of our clients.


An inner-city development agency responsible for educational and social programs found itself in Chapter 11 with limited financial records, no IT system, and very limited capital resources.

  • CRL was the strategic financial adviser to the organization
  • We brought financial stability to the organization
  • The entity emerged from Chapter 11 and continued to serve families in need


This second generation-operated manufacturer suffered substantial losses and faced bank foreclosure.


  • Restored Company to profitability
  • Increased productivity
  • Restored vendor, customer, and employee confidence
  • Increased working capital loan facility
  • Sold Company for 1x revenue

Pro Bono

On the Rise is a nonprofit serving women in need. Their dynamic leader sought organizational and governance infrastructure to provide a solid foundation to build the nonprofit.

Working in harmony with the founder, our team developed governance and organizational foundations that allowed this outstanding organization to grow and prosper.

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