The CRL team brings a different and unique dimension to the process. Our members have backgrounds containing both extensive experience in the “C” suite, public accounting, auditing, together with significant and varied operational and management experience. We provides a unique, multifaceted review of the potential candidates financial information, its business operations and marketplace.

Every aspect of our clients’ operations are closely analyzed for improvement. The Balance Sheet and its components are examined to optimize working capital. Our objectivity and expertise enables us to identify areas of the business which, when improved, can help lead to a positive financial solution.

The CRL approach

All our clients business’s are different and unique. Some assignments require us to deliver an independent 12 week crisis cash flow, others do not. Our method of performing a forensic examination of the business from the “C” suite to the shipping dock and from Cash to Retained Earnings is designed to uncover the truth.

Our process is in stages

Phase one

Review analyze observe

Phase Two

Perform focused assessment

Phase three

Formulate recommendations / report

  • Collect, review and research internal and external data

  • Employee interviews

  • General facilities tours / meet and greet

  • Financial and other data review

  • Product and service analysis

  • Distribution analysis

  • Sales and marketing strategies

  • Product and position in market

  • Budget review

  • Cash flow review

  • Activity based financial modeling

  • Working capital review

  • Receivables and days outstanding

  • Inventory assessment

  • Vendor / accounts payable

  • Revenue / product review

  • Margins by product / category

  • Utilization / capacity

  • Operating cost review

  • When appropriate activity based financial reporting restatement

  • Review key strengths and weaknesses

  • Review alternatives to improve liquidity

  • Review alternatives to enhance profitability through operations

  • Review alternatives for Balance Sheet improvement

  • Review alternatives to increase revenue

  • Review alternatives to increase contribution margin

  • Review alternatives to improve productivity

  • Review alternatives to reduce overhead

  • Review and present go forward plan

  • Identify key impediments and contingencies

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