Why engage Capital Restoration

We are a boutique strategic financial consulting firm working with enterprises in Transition. Turning financial challenges into opportunities for a brighter future.

CRL is an award winning nationally recognized firm leading enterprises through unique challenges.

            • Interim C suite
            • Financial advisory
            • Due Diligence
            • Quality of Earnings
            • Crisis Intervention

Uncertainty exists

When uncertainty exists you need to know where you are. This requires professionals experienced and qualified to make a quick study and assessment of the current situation. Our deep forensic skills is the cornerstone of this process.

Once you understand where a company is we can develop action plans to change what is to a bright financial future.

Action plans

  • Developing a plan when uncertainty exists
    • You need to restructure the business
    • You face bankruptcy
    • Costs must be reduced without impairing the business
    • Revenue targets are missed


Interim “C” suite

You need help in the “C” Suite

  • Action orientated leadership
  • Results driven leadership
  • Stability is required during crisis


Maximizing value

Capital Restoration has an excellent track record of assisting enterprises in transition desiring a positive exit strategy. Positioning a company for sale is as much an art as science. We work in harmony with the company and their other professionals in finding the right solution.

Capital Restoration’s other services

“Thank you for your continued sound advice and voice of reason in the midst of this chaos. I am very grateful to have you on my team!”

Armand is a topnotch turnaround consultant. I have hired Armand or recommended him to borrowers who have hired Armand for numerous engagements. Each engagement was completed successfully. Armand has the ability to both communicate the Bank’s position to his client while advocating for the client’s needs to the Bank.

I will continue to retain Armand. I recommend others retain Armand, as well, whether a company needing a turnaround consultant; a bank needing a turnaround consultant who understands its internal pressures; or anyone needing due diligence on the operations of company (distressed or otherwise).

David Brown

Armand is extremely accomplished at quickly assessing what needs to happen to turn around an underachieving company. He is a seasoned financial engineer; equally proficient at strategy and tactics to stabilize and then improve the company’s financial position/ strength. If I were a banker or owner of a troubled company, I would highly recommend Armand.

Brian Post
When your enterprise requires additional working capital and your bank says no. All is not lost. The right strategy and presentation opens news doors and options to new beginnings.
When growth exceeds your current resources alternatives exists. Will fill a number of voids created by rapid growth from leadership to creative alternatives for working capital. We work in harmony with our clients to find the right financial solution.
When growing middle market enterprises miss targets working capital is challenged. Turn those challenges into opportunities.

  • Revenue targets
  • Profit targets
  • Cost targets
Strong forensic skills are essential in assisting middle market companies in solving complex business issues. Understanding what lies behind the numbers is essential in developing positive financial solutions.

From time to time lenders and investors are confused by the financial data. Providing a clear picture of the data is a science first and an art second. We have a proven track record of providing a clear picture of the real financial data.

Quality of Earnings Report: Is it adding value to your deal flow

All too often we hear of transactions that did not work out as planned.

The ability to identify critical trends and understand what is behind the numbers can have a real impact on the transaction value and its ultimate success.

In one such case, a long time low earnings enterprise was having impaired earnings and a QOE report / assessment was requested. In the end, the report found a company with a solid workforce, solid manufacturing facilities, consistent application of GAAP, profits across most of the product lines, with a bumbling CEO with a pet project. Because this QOE report went beyond the numbers the company went on to generate 10X historical earnings and a profitable exit.