About JKL

After successfully leading two top US search firms in the New England market Joan Lucarelli launched JKL Partners to focus on Mission based organizations. A Mission-based organization’s success lies in its people and is designed to deliver outcomes vs. output.   Mission-based organizations need talent with a shared vision that enhance the organization.

JKL has searched and attracted talent around the globe, which requires an understanding and expertise in dealing with international, local laws, and customs.

JKL has partnered with clients on over 300 (500) diverse hires spanning multiple markets, areas of expertise, countries, cultures, and breadth.  We have recently added value to our clients by completing searches for:  Board of Directors (entire), VP Development, VP      ,  VP Human Resources, VP       , Director of   ,  Director of Finance, and individual contributors.


We target exceptional leaders for Mission-based and non-profit institutions. We commit to understand, share, and sell the objectives that are passionate to our clients.


Our clients want talent with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.  The future leaders are sourced from around the globe, perpetuating a culture that is inclusionary, nurturing, and diverse in experiences and contributions. diversity and inclusion are critical to the success of our clients.

Our Services:

The Firm provides a complete range of talent acquisition services well beyond just search.  Acquiring and developing talent is a combination of art, science, and selling.  The Firm combines search and consulting to assist its clients in learning the techniques in acquiring talent to meet the organization’s strategic needs via multiple channels.  Some of our work has encompassed the following:

corporate and strategic talent alignment to reflect strategy and mission.

human capital assessment,

workforce planning,

strategic talent acquisition assignments,

mentoring – partnering with hiring executives,

talent branding, and positioning

new media outreach

 talent community pipeline development,

direct in-industry talent targeting and mapping,

talent acquisition software maximization.

We believe that our menu of services will help your mission-based organization achieve its goals and its next level of success.

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