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business environment

We operate in a business environment that continually creates new business paradigms

Technology and business strategy continue to evolve. The advent of social media has changed how we market and approach our customers, purchase materials and function as an enterprise. The evolution continues to evolve creating opportunities and challenges. Manufacturing plants move around the world to capture the lowest wages to compete. Channels evolve and customer demands change and evolve. Opportunities exist to compete and excel within niche markets for small middle market companies. We seek those enterprises ready to take advantage of these new paradigms.

Our ideal target

Investment Profile

$10 – $5 0 million in revenue

$0 to $5 in EBITDA

Enterprises with below $10 million in revenues with evidence of growth opportunity

Business Sectors

Niche Markets in:

  • Business Services
  • Defense Contractors
  • Manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution

Types of Transactions:

  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Divestitures
  • Management buyouts
  • Distressed sales
  • Bankruptcies, including 363 sales
  • Family transactions
  • General private enterprises
  • Founder and family exits
  • Buyouts

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